Budget 2020 instant asset write off extension

The Australian Government's 2020 budget has provided several important business and personal stimulus measures to promote economic activity. The extended instant asset write off allows business to write off most eligible equipment and work vehicles to their full value.

The instant asset write off extension is designed to allow small and medium business to invest in new equipment and vehicles whilst enjoying a more beneficial taxation outcome. Depreciating the full value of equipment in a single year will improve a businesses profitability and also allow it to turnover equipment more frequently, this can be particularly

beneficial when it comes to IT equipment.

Recent changes to how motor vehicle dealers offer finance has created a great opportunity for finance brokers to show their worth with asset and vehicle finance. Dealer finance is now subject to higher levels of regulation however most dealers still only work with one finance company aligned to their make of vehicle. Finance brokers have access to several major and specialist lenders to suit a wide variety of clients needs. Highland Finance is able to provide our clients with an easy and fast multiple quote for these type of loans, allowing our clients to choose from at least five lenders from our panel.

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